“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan,
a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

Awesome interiors:

Whether you’re looking for some light trimming for your daily drive, or beginning to plan that dream interior, we have the team, the experience and a diverse range of custom interior options to suit all budgets and tastes.
We welcome all types of classic and modern Volkswagen campervans, together with other brands of campervan,
caravan and motor homes too.

Standard services:

* All seating including, armrests and headrests.

* Carpeting, ribbed sidelining and plain velour.
* Custom trimmed dashboards, door cards and door pillars
* Flooring and matting.
* Gaiters and parcel shelves. 

* Soundproofing and acoustic insulation
* Standard and custom headlinings.

* Supplied parts fitting service.
    We also offer a fitting service for customers who have already purchased seat covers, fillings and headlining kit.
    Please note that any supplied parts must be from a reputable manufacturer and produced to high standard, as any alterations to covers
    or fillings due to poor quality will incur additional costs for us to rectify.

   Every custom interior is going to need some awesome materials and our showroom has a great selection.
* Alcantara® - luxurious suede, as used by the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.
* Faux suede - all types of colours and textures, which is a great alternative to Alcantara.
* Leather - that unmistakable smell of luxurious leather, available in a wide range of colours and textures.
* Faux leather - get the whole look of real leather, or as a cost effective matching material with real leather.

* Vinyl - for all types of applications, with an enormous collection of colours and textures.

* Fabric - we have a good selection of fabric, some of which is as easy to keep clean as vinyl.

* Carpeting - auto carpeting colours are limited, but we have a good selection for both the floor and sidelining.

* Headlining fabric - we hold all the traditional fabrics, and can custom make some in alternative materials.


* Stitching colour.
* Custom stitching designs.
* Heat embossed logos/designs.
* Perforation to leather or Alcantara.
* Machine embroidered logos/designs.


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Our custom T2 VW dashboards are loved by our customers and are a unique service from Awesome.
This is available for all Type 2 Volkswagen campervans, panel vans, crew cabs 
and buses. 

Why do 99% of our customers choose one?
Our custom trimmed dashboards bring the whole of the vehicles interior colour scheme completely together.
The two tone leather look vinyl laid
over a soft foam base, together with the bespoke double stitching lines, look and feel like the styling you would expect to discover in Aston Martin
and Porsche interiors.
Custom dashboard service options

Send or deliver
just the dashboard
parts directly to us.


Drive over and leave us to do 
all the hard work.
This includes a free lift to and from any of our local bus or train stations.

Custom detailing:
Main office: 07762 866643
Call or text: 07734 478397

We're always happy to discuss your project over the phone, via email or in person.
For advice, estimates, quotations or questions, contact us today.

Campervan interior photos
Now add your own unique style with the following additional custom interior options.

We love creating interiors that meet and exceed our customers expectations.
It's always a privilege to be chosen to produce an interior that matches a refurbishment that may have taken years in the planning by both the customer and their trusted restoration shop.

Our fully insured modern workshop is where our experienced staff enjoy working in and around all types and values of campervans throughout the year, and we welcome visits by appointment.

If you'd like to view a sample of our work, our campervan gallery has a good selection of the different styles of interiors we've created over the years.
This may also inspire you when you're planning your own unique interior.

VW dash trimming:
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